By using our online booking form, or by calling 805-469-0086 and speaking to our customer service team.
You can pay us by credit, debit card, or cash.
We can attempt to retrieve lost or corrupted data. We offer advice on backup systems to prevent re-occurrence of lost data.
We can usually deal with software related printer issues. However, we don’t repair printer hardware faults.
Yes, and we’ll connect it to the Internet and also to your home network, if you have one. In addition, we can transfer the data from your old computer.
We carry out 95% of repairs at your home or business, so you can watch and ask any questions. Only in exceptional circumstances will we need to take your computer away for repair.
Yes, we can configure them all to connect to your broadband router and provide any help you may need with learning how to use them, like connecting them to iTunes or the Kindle book store.